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Day 10 of Pedal for Hope 2016

Day ten has begun! Susanna Moodie Elementary School is ready to have a #pedal4hope blast! The WHOLE school at Susie Moo is ROCKING OUT with #pedal4hope!!! The team made a pit stop at one of our supporters Reid’s Dairy! Belleville Christian School we’ve arrived… and we got ice cream! Losing

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Day 9 of Pedal for Hope

We are rocking and rolling Queen Elizabeth Public School Belleville! Feel the #pedal4hope power! Teachers take on the students at Queen Elizabeth Public School Belleville! Way to go Queen E! The school and Team Thomas raised $3,100. 809 raised by the #pedal4hope friends at North Trenton Public School! What a

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Day 8 of Pedal for Hope 2016

What can we say about day 8? Beautiful weather, Awesome visits, amazing energy! We have another 27km behind us, and another outstanding $10,382 raised….simply blown away. We had more haircuts, more hair donated, and more ice cream consumed, and/or worn (looking at you, Cst Donaldson). We also had more bicycle

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Day 7 of Pedal for Hope 2016

Day 7 was another great one for the Pedal for Hope team. The weather was exceptional, and of course, so we’re the students. Deciding to “spread the wealth(ice cream)”, the team headed North to Madoc and Marmora. In Madoc, we stopped in to see the Mavericks at Madoc Public School.

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Day 6 of Pedal for Hope 2016

Hey Sir John A Macdonald Colts….we’ve arrived. Day 6 began our second week of rubber on the road, ice cream on faces, and shaker shaking whatever shakes… It was a nice “ease into” another full week, with just 2 schools on the schedule, and a nice light 32km to travel.

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Day 5 of Pedal for Hope 2016

Arriving at Tweed Elementary School. The Shield has put out the Welcome mat. Not often you get to race a Cop Todd Smith enjoying ice cream. Great day at St Carthagh Catholic School Torbin with the largest fund raising….gonna enjoy that iPod from Reid’s Dairy, congrats buddy! Mayor Taso Christopher

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Day 4 of Pedal for Hope 2016

Look at who just showed up Marmora Senior Public School BOOM! In the door, and ready to party! Tyler wins the ice cream challenge, AND iPod from Reid’s Dairy for being the single largest fund raiser. Stirling Stingers.. Showing your pride! Ryan loves his Grandma….AND he raised over $1300. Awesome

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Day 3 of Pedal for Hope 2016

First stop of Day 3 was PECI & Queen Elizabeth Public School Two rounds of ice cream challenge with Cancer survivor Ella  helped Cst Guthrie with her breakfast. Much more head shaving, prom cuts? Nothing brighter than a child’s smile. Nothing more pleasing to the ear, than the sound of

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Day 2 of Pedal for Hope 2016

Hey St Gregory’s…….you ready? Rain and cold won’t keep us away or dampen our spirit – we ride for #trueheroes Team member Forestell shares a little fun with a new friend at St. Greg’s!! Bike races St. Gregory Catholic School rocked! Teachers beat out Police officers!  Thank you St. Gregory’s

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Day 1 of Pedal for Hope 2016

We’re gearing up to leave!! #pedal4hope is going to rock 2016! We just arrived at Massassauga Rednersville Public School, a great school to kick off this year’s Pedal for Hope Snow flakes in the air…..but we’re STILL gonna do ice cream. You know it! Second stop on #P4H2016 was Kente

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