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Sacred Heart Catholic School Marmora

Sacred Heart Catholic School Marmora


Sacred Heart is a caring, Catholic community which will continue to respect and celebrate the dignity of all God’s Creation.  We will maintain high expectations and aim for holiness, success, and fun as we journey in our lifelong path of faith and education.

It is the philosophy of Sacred Heart Catholic School that continuous efforts to stimulate learning and growth in our school and programs will be pursued in keeping with our mission statement.

The School Action Plan for Improvement has been developed to identify specific targets for improvement in student learning and is based on the results of the Grade 3 and Grade 6 provincial testing and report cards.

We will continue to adjust and build upon this plan.  We aim to work collaboratively with our School Council, parents, and parish to maintain our standards of curriculum delivery and faith development and at the same time, bring positive change and improvement to our school.

With the help of Jesus Christ, Our Lord, we believe we can meet our goals and expectations if we work together.


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