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Stirling Public School

Stirling Public School


Stirling PS has a fully-equipped music room, large performance stage, double gym, smart boards in all classrooms and an open space learning commons and learning loft for students to come together to learn from and with each other. A safe learning environment is provided with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy and the integration of technology. Ongoing, open communication between home, school and the community encourages parents to take an active partnership in our students’ education. The school yard is a large open space with a soccer pitch, baseball diamond, track and a variety of playground equipment. The property also includes a trail system used for outdoor education and athletic programs. Students at Stirling PS take part in character education programs that challenge themselves to make a difference in the school and beyond. SPS has strong community partnerships that further enhance students learning and growing. Stirling Public School provides opportunities to foster success for all students to achieve their personal best in academics, the arts, athletics and citizenship. At Stirling Public School, we firmly believe that together, we make a difference.


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