Dave Franks Jr.

The Give Where You Live team would like to take a moment and send our condolences to the Franks family on the passing of Dave Franks Jr. earlier this year.
Dave and his family have held a special place in the heart of our team over the past six years.
Volunteering tirelessly behind the scene since we started this gig in 2012, Dave – who thousands of children in the region came to know as Shaker the Cow’s big brother – meant the absolute world to us.
We are so grateful to have known and loved such a tremendous person.

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    Sheri Meeks 4 years ago June 6, 2017

    Dave will be greatly missed by me as a member of our team. He was always smiling, a quiet presence…. A true gentle giant.
    My thoughts are with the Franks family and to Shaker, my favourite girl cow…. Big hugs

    Sheri Meeks

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    Terri 4 years ago June 7, 2017

    Dave you will be sadly missed from our team. Your huge smile and giving heart had a tremendous impact on our community along with all the volunteers and police officers that worked beside you to fight the big fight against childhood cancer.

    Thank you to the Franks family for your continued support and generosity. You guys are amazing! Always know you have the whole GWUL team behind you during this difficult time.
    Love: Terri & Clint

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    Daniel McAuley 4 years ago June 7, 2017

    David Franks Jr., you will be remembered as a dedicated individual with a big smile, and a huge heart.
    We will miss you.

    Not to be forgotten by your Give Where You Live teammates,

    Dan and Jill McAuley

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    Kim Guthrie 4 years ago June 10, 2017

    Not many moments went by in the past few weeks that your family wasn’t on my mind. We’ve watched Dave and Chelsea grow up over the past 6 years and their commitment to our team, their unwavering support and obvious affection for each other did not go unnoticed. My heart will always swell remembering Dave’s huge smile, especially the day he was driving Shaker the Cow around in Jules’ Audi convertible. Take good care of each other and try not to let this tragedy paralyze you as individuals or as a family.

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    Reid's Dairy Management and Staff 4 years ago June 14, 2017

    Dave Jr. will always be remembered as a dedicated, caring , hardworking person who loved donating his time to such a great cause.
    David Jr. and his family dedicated their time and supported this great cause every year.
    He will be sadly missed and our thoughts and prayers go out to his entire family.


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