Day 7 of Pedal for Hope 2016

Day 7 was another great one for the Pedal for Hope team. The weather was exceptional, and of course, so we’re the students.

Deciding to “spread the wealth(ice cream)”, the team headed North to Madoc and Marmora.

In Madoc, we stopped in to see the Mavericks at Madoc Public School. Jamal once again topped the fundraising ladder, with $400. In a show of that famous Madoc Character, he paid it forward. The iPod will be enjoyed by runner-up, Austin Keller. Awesome!


Next, we trekked on down the 7, to Marmora, where we first visited Sacred Heart Catholic School. Loud, outta control party central! Loved it. Sacred Heart’s very own Logan Spicer, not only donated that head of hair….also was the top fund raiser, bringing in $305. Way to go Logan.

Our final stop, was a pedal up the hill, to that school of Small hands…Big Wonders, Earl Prentice Public School. More ice cream, more hair cuts, more bicycle races. Does this ever gets old? NOPE! Especially with inspirational kids, like survivor Daniel Mowler.1d7earl

David topped the fund raising with a fantastic $618. Fantastic! Enjoy your iPod Daniel.

All told, another 57km was put behind the team, and another $5242.30 was raised for paediatric cancer research.

Two things were learned today…..

Amazing kids are EVERYWHERE and,

The Police can never seem to catch a break during these bicycle races.

As always, #WeBelieve


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