Everything you need to know about Give Where You Live.


So what is Give Where You Live?

Give Where You Live​ is a joint partnership between officers with the Belleville Police Service and local Ontario Provincial Police detachments, bringing together a renewed dedication to helping our local community, families and charitable organizations succeed.

What does it look like?

If you’ve never seen the Give Where You Live team, it’s a sight you won’t forget! A team of approximately 15 cyclists wearing the same uniform, escorted by a fleet of police cars through towns, villages and cities cycle to about 30 different elementary schools. Upon our arrival, students typically line up outside the school to welcome the team – many times they make banners and posters to celebrate our touch-down. Once inside, we host a high-energy, fun assembly with ice-cream, bike races and a special message about hope.

Who is on the Give Where You Live team?

The riders are made up of police officers from the Belleville Police Service and members from local Ontario Provincial Police detachments – namely Prince Edward County, Quinte West and Central Hastings. That said, however, there are also many volunteers who join our team to assist in the tour from members of local community policing groups to auxiliary members of local law enforcement agencies.

Why do you do it?

All of the members of the Give Where You Live team volunteer their time for this cause – they believe in the spirit of community, the benefits of positive interactions with police and supporting those who need a hand up. Throughout the year we plan our tour, contacting and confirming schools and then roll with it! While it can be chaotic at times, the impact we have on our schools and local families is how we measure success.

How do you raise money?

A couple of weeks before our tour, each school receive pledge forms to hand out to students. Also, if you check out the donation section of this website, it will direct you to our current beneficiary.

Where does the money go?

The money raised by the Give Where You Live team is currently directed to benefit our local community, families and charitable organizations succeed.


How to I volunteer?

Well, our volunteers are carefully screened and selected to come along with us on our tour. It is a lot of fun, but the days are long and sometimes grueling. If you’re interested in joining us, please drop us a line – we’d love to hear from you.

How else can I get involved?

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Give Where You Live team! If you’re a student at one of our schools, ask if you can organize a special event to support us. We have many unique events that coincide with our tour – whether its fun-fairs, penny drives, craft and even bake sales. The possibilities are endless. As well, we are always looking for support to get our message out through social media – if you see us out and about, take a pic and post it!


What can we expect when Give Where You Live arrives?

A police officer is typically assigned as a liaison with the school representative to help guide our ‘first time’ schools through the process of hosting us, which can be a bit daunting.

Here is a break-down of what we expect, and what schools can expect on the day of our arrival:

About a half hour before the tour touches down at your school, the support crew will arrive to help set up. Subsequently, we would ask the following be provided:

  1. The number of students/staff who will be participating in the head shaving event;
  2. The amount of donation provided (which will be unveiled at the end of the ceremony);
  3. A list of the top three school fundraisers;
  4. A list of no more than 10 students/staff who will be participating in the ice cream eating contest;
  5. Two tables and chairs set up for the contest, with paper towels for clean up;
  6. An area with chairs set up (preferably on a stage, if possible) for head-shavings;
  7. A small table or portable electronic cart near the stage to set up our LCD projector and laptop;
  8. A screen or blank wall to project the video

Shortly before the Give Where You Live team’s main entourage arrives, typically students who are participating in the assembly are brought outside to cheer the team on as they pull up. At most schools, students and staff have taken the time to craft posters, banners – and even t-shirts! – to help celebrate the event. After arrival, students file into the gym, where the show starts in about 10 minutes.

Typically, the Give Where You Live show takes about 35 minutes from start to finish. In the assembly, crew members do the following:

  • Have a dramatic entry following a short introduction video, handing out coupons from Reid’s Dairy and other gifts from sponsors;
  • After settling down, a brief message is delivering, introducing the team and explaining why Give Where You Live is at the school;
  • A brief video message is played;
  • After ice-cream, an inside bike race is held (GWUL members arrange and provide the tiny bikes for the race, usually a student against a team member);
  • Head shavings start while the bike racing is arranged;
  • The school donation total is unveiled;
  • The assembly concludes

Where can I get the permission form for hair cuts and shaving heads?

Please download the permission form by clicking here


I’m a business owner and want to have my name attached to the Give Where You Live team. How do I do it?

There are many different ways that a business can get involved with our Give Where You Live team – we always are looking to offset any associated costs with our tour to ensure all of our donations go to the cause. And there are varying degrees of sponsorship available. Please contact us for more details!


What is the guest rider program?

We offer a unique and limited opportunity to our community to actually join the Give Where You Live team and ride alongside us. Guest riders ride with us for the day, and participate in our assemblies, antics and fun.

What does it cost?

We only ask that, once you have a position in our program secured, you raise a minimum of $500 for the tour, which can be completed either by pledge sheets or online fundraising. For that small fee, you get a day filled with fun and a commemorative shirt to remember us always!

Do I have to have a bicycle?

No, but it helps. If you don’t have a bicycle – or aren’t a cyclist – no worries. Our team has an inventory of professional road bikes that can be used – and you will be properly fitted to ensure the ride is as comfortable as possible.

What else should I know about the Guest Rider program?

We like to provide lunch for our guest riders, and of course, while they are participating in our assemblies … sometimes they are asked to partake in our ice-cream eating contest. It’d be nice to know if there are any allergies!

Please contact us for more details about the guest rider program!


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